Rainbow Veggie Skewers

Ready in 30 mins

Order by 10am, get it by 3pm

Hannah M

I had to think about dinner for 3 seconds and then made a great meal.

Hannah M.
Mother of two
San Francisco, CA

Wellio handles all of the small decisions it takes to turn an inspiration into a meal. Our intelligent platform matches the best products to your shopping lists instantly and then our culinary expert takes care of substitutions and communication with shoppers.

No catch! You order just for tonight or for the whole week, it’s up to you. Wellio’s mission is to help people eat more meals at home, so whichever you choose, we’ll support you.

At wellio, providing quality ingredients is just as important to us as convenience. We guarantee you’ll receive natural and organic groceries from a quality grocer in your area, like Whole Foods. We believe in fresh over frozen, avoiding preservatives, and skipping processed foods.

For each recipe, you get a shopping list which you can adjust based on items you already have at home. This way, you save based on what you already have and only pay for items you need.

We back every order with our 100% Happiness Guarantee so that you can shop with confidence. If you’re not happy with a wellio meal, please email us at support@getwellio.com, and we’ll make it right.

We understand life happens and you need flexibility which is why we offer three ways to shop for your ingredients: one-click-order with wellio, send your shopping list to your preferred online grocer or email my shopping list if you’re headed to the store.

I am time-crunched
Select one-click-order with wellio option, once you pick the recipe, we make sure you get what you need, when you need it so you can focus on having a great meal at home.

I want specific items
Select “send shopping list to the fulfillment provider”, once you pick the recipe you can make a selection of ingredients you prefer

I enjoy grocery shopping
Select “email my shopping list”, once you pick the recipe, we send you a digital shopping list